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Sic-Bo Wagers and Payoff Odds

Sic-Bo wagers include single dice numbers, two of a kind, three of a kind, and combinations of any two or three of the dice. These wagers are displayed along with payoff odds on the table top.

Mouse over the Sic-Bo table below to learn about the different Sic-Bo bet types and their respective payoff odds.

The following are further explanations on the bet types in Sic-Bo:

  • Single Number Bets - The bottom row of the Sic-Bo table is divided in six betting areas. These are called single number bets. In this row you basically bet which numbers will show up after the dice are rolled. If one of the three dice shows the number you bet on, you win and get paid at 1:1 odds. If two numbers show up you get 2:1 odds and if three show you are paid out at 3:1. For instance, if you placed your bet on the number three and two of the dice show a three you win double your stake back.

  • Three Number Total Bets - The third row from the bottom on the Sic-Bo table is divided in fourteen betting areas. These are called three number total bets. In the three number total of Sic-Bo, you bet on the combined result of the dice roll. A result of three and eighteen will always mean a loss for you. Different results offer different odds:

Four or Seventeen 60:1
Five or Sixteen 30:1
Six or Fifteen 17:1
Seven or Fourteen 12:1
Eight or Thirteen 8:1
Nine or Twelve 6:1
Ten or Eleven 6:1
  • Triple and Pair Bets - The top row of the Sic-Bo table is divided into five betting areas (excluding the betting areas for Big and Small.) These are called Triple or Pair bets. The odds here are of course the highest in Sic-Bo. They go as high as 150:1 depending on the house rules. You can also bet on all six possible triplets at once, this is called Any Triplet. Or you can bet on a pair, which is two dice of the same number. The odds are:

Triplet Bets 120 -150:1
Any Triplet Bets 25:1
Pair Bets 11:1
  • Small or Big Bets - The top left and top right of the Sic-Bo table is for Big and Small bets, respectively. In this type of bet, you wager on whether the combined result of the roll will be either between Four and Ten (small wager) or between Eleven and Seventeen (big wager). The odds on this bet are always 1:1. If the result of the dice roll is a triplet (i.e. 3 - Fours) both of the wagers loose.

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